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This site is a collaboration between the artists of the MLH - SBI , and Black Cat Studio, the facility which digitally creates hi resolution files & reproductions from these original artworks. These image files are previewed on this site, and are currently available for prints or licensing through Black Cat Studio. 

The art on this website was created in sequential classes specifically designed to help the plant lover observe the truth of a plant: its structure, its coloration, it's shapes, life cycle elements, and most importantly, its life force. The skill of keen observation of a live plant specimen is basic to this 1,000 year old art form, and drives this genre into today's aesthetic. Rendering a subject with accuracy and beauty in pen and ink is a foundation activity for the understanding of tonal variation and shape formation. Working with a set palette of 20 transparent watercolors provides a more complex challenge and requires a quiet dedication to the understanding of form and function of plant pigments. Our goal is to allow our art to create awareness of the fragility and beauty of the plant life that sustains our very existence on this planet, and to assist non-profits who engage in conservation and preservation.   MLH

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